Our second rescue flight was in the dead of winter, on a quick flight down to Blacksburg, VA (home of Virginia Tech) in a rented Cessna 310N. These 6 puppies were abandoned and a shelter had to get them out of their property or risk being euthanized. Since the Washington DC area has such a large population density, our local rescues were more than happy to take these adorable pups to be adopted.

N612JP one of my favorite rental aircraft, a 1963 Cessna 310F

This plane is much faster than the Piper Saratoga we used to rent, so the trip down to Blacksburg took less than an hour. A quick turnaround with the beautiful dogs ready to go when we arrived, including their paperwork. We loaded them up, and off we went – flying over the Virginia Tech stadium on our way back to Leesburg and life and happiness for 6 gorgeous puppies.