Founder – Dean Heistad

Dean has been a long-time aviator and life-long animal advocate, and a career technologist. His passion for animals began in his childhood when the local university research hospital allowed his family to rescue a “subject” that wasn’t viable for their animal research, so Rosie the family mutt was rescued. Dean found a deep passion for aviation as a teenager, and once successful in his career, he wanted to give back so he started flying charitable flights to provide free transport to ambulatory patients for Angel Flight and flights to rescue animals for Pilots n Paws. Seeing a gap in both funding and logistics, he rallied some very smart and passionate people around Amelia Air with the mission of saving animals with airplanes.


Product – Scott Senauke

Scott is an expert Product Manager with over 20 years of experience with Silicon Valley startups, leading consumer and internet companies (E-Loan,, and social mission-oriented nonprofit organizations (AARP, YouthNoise). He has successfully reimagined a number of thriving offline communities into vibrant online social networks, and is a thought leader for the application of mobile and e-commerce technologies used in support of social activism. At AARP, Scott created a special program that linked up at-risk dogs with at-risk kids and seniors, providing much needed connection and socialization.


Development – Petra Janney

Petra works in business development at a technology prototyping studio in Los Angeles that designs everything from exoskeletons to aviation software and mobile fabrication laboratories for a range of military and commercial clients. Petra graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in History & Science and a secondary concentration in Global Health & Health Policy. During her college career, she wrote a thesis on the environmental impact of 3D printing, tested a concept for a recyclable photovoltaic cell, and published original research on the factors distinguishing successful entrepreneurial teams. Petra grew up in the wilderness of Maine and has always preferred the company of creatures. She decided to stop eating meat at the ripe old age of 7 and has been doing everything she can to save animals ever since.


Director of Photography – Josh Jurgensen

Josh is a creative polymath who love to transmute good ideas into great products. He has worked in the DC area since 2010 for clients like CSC, Coca-Cola, DARPA, United Way, Strayer University, the US Postal Service, and a variety of startups. Josh has worked on a vast array of creative projects – print, digital, interactive, animation, audio, video and motion graphics content.  He’s as comfortable working in PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator as he his in After Effects. Some of Josh’s projects have been projected behind keynote speakers, been on the wall of every Post Office in America, and helped teams successfully flex their deep knowledge in complex concepts. Josh has spent years honing his skills and continues to do so to this day. In his personal time, he’s delving into the sensory experience that is the nexus of motion graphics and bleeding edge applications of augmented reality. Josh is driven by how our methods of communication are evolving as technology progresses. Josh tries to spend as much time as he can walking, playing and generally enjoying life with his rescue – a black and tan hound dog named Moxie.


Logistics – Wendy Carter

During Wendy’s career in non-profit charities and the federal government, she never passed up the chance to pet any and every dog she met.  While she adores her family and friends, Wendy believes the world is a better place because of dogs and is thrilled to use her talents with Amelia Air.  She previously managed special events for presidents, foreign dignitaries, movie stars and cancer survivors; now she’s found her dream job coordinating logistics to rescue animals in need. Wendy lives with her husband, two sons and dog Teddy in Arlington, Virginia.


Creative Director – Shei Reyes

Shei Reyes is a strategic creative who strongly believes in good design with quantifiable results. A product designer with a solid background in user experience and art direction, she has worked on a variety of projects in traditional and digital mediums for Sony, U.S. Vice Presidential Debate,, NIH, and Terminal 49, among others. Her non-profit experience includes campaigns for Salvation Army, ForKids, and Lynnhaven River NOW!

With more than 15 years of creative leadership in agency, startup, and in-house environments in D.C., SE Va., and San Francisco markets, she strives to explore and deliver innovative and fresh solutions to any challenge. She is currently with FJORD DC Studio serving the federal sector, and very excited to help Amelia Air with its mission.