Lily. A lovely name. Shar Pei. A unique and lovely breed. But boy-oh-boy was Lily absolutely NOT a lovely dog when we first met her! She was incredibly anxious, fearful, protective, and eventually we figured out she just hated her crate. Spoiler: It all turned out beautifully though – a happy dog, and happy rescue outcome.

Rewind a bit, and let me introduce Dr. Robert Allen. He’s got a very nifty plane, that we’ve been talking about converting (occasionally) to a flying rescue transport. It’s much bigger than the plane we flew on our first rescue in August, and much more capable. It flies almost twice as fast, fits almost twice as many people, and most comfortably flies about twice as high.

Rescue flight #2 – 1980 Cessna 441 “Conquest”

You can see in the video below the story of Lily with some interviews, and the before and after. We hope you enjoy and we’ll be in touch with the adoptive family with stories of Lily’s progress!