First off – a big congratulations to Bugatti for breaking the 300MPH barrier in a production car! Amazing amount of speed and engineering goes into getting a passenger car to go that fast. If you like speed – the new Chiron is a wicked-fast spectacularly engineered vehicle. Check out the video below for some details on the how and why:

But what does this have to do with animal rescue? Well, by the numbers it’s a pretty simple comparison:


MFG date:


Top speed:

Dog capacity:

Fuel efficiency:




Cessna 310





Approx 6 MPG

5 hours 30 minutes (1050 Nautical miles)



Bugatti Chiron


$2,998,000  (plus taxes)



10.4 MPG combined

9 minutes  (45 Statute miles)



So, what would I do if someone GAVE me a Chiron?  Well, I’d drive it of course!  I’d love to experience something close to those speeds legally on a track in a car!  But then I’d sell it and be able to rescue 30,000 animals!

Since it’s ridiculously unlikely anyone will ever donate a Chiron to Amelia Air, and because we’d absolutely love to save 30,000 animals from euthanasia, please consider donating!  If you have a Chiron, donate that!  If not – $50 or more would really help!