2019 year in review: As 2019 has come and gone, any good business would take some time to review how effective and efficient the company has been, and Amelia Air is no different. A look back at what we’ve accomplished in the first 4 months of our existence reveals impressive numbers, which I’ll briefly review, along with some thoughts about how we operate and areas for improvement.

Bottom line: 2019 was a great start!

The bottom line: We rescued 48 dogs last year operating as Amelia Air, spending $4,765.98, or just $99.29 per animal rescued. That’s almost exactly what we’ve committed to as the metric for success (<$100/animal rescued), making our initial rescue “year” a resounding success!

Logistics success: We have developed a good set of pipelines for rescuing animals from high risk areas, and successfully partnered with rescues that manage to organize adoptions very quickly. We’ve filled a niche where other charitable organizations have left a gap–our mission focuses on multiple animals per flight (a key Amelia Air differentiator), and we’ve partnered with several shelters, coordinators, and rescues that are meeting out needs nicely! Some include Canine Humane Network, Wilson Human Society, Delta Humane Society, For the Love of Dogs NC, and others. 2020 is starting out with some new and exciting opportunities for more partnerships, more efficient planning and transportation, and some new help from wonderful volunteers to expand our ability to plan trips, promote the mission, raise funds, and build on our early success.

Areas for Improvement in 2020:

  • Improved funding streams: We have started talking with companies and have seen their interest in making donations to Amelia Air.
  • SWAG! 2020 will be the year we get some Amelia Air t-shirts, hats, jackets and other assorted designs out in public for branding, to generate buzz, and to help further discussions with the public about the problems facing animals in the US.
  • Redundancy/Expansion: We need more commercial-rated pilots to support rescue missions from other locations. Currently, operating in other regions would push costs too high and logistics to complicated for our DC-based crews to fly to/from. We have some partners in California lined up, and hope to make that happen this year.
  • Disasters: We are preparing to service post-hurricane traumatized animals this fall, with more coordination and flights.
  • Public Relations: A national news segment this in 2019 raised awareness dramatically, and we look forward to promoting local and national news segments again in 2020, which we’re actively working towards.
  • Improved economics: As we’ve been able to meet out initial efficiency goals for animals in need, we’ll be working with different rescues and shelters that can offset the cost of transport which will allow us to stretch the donations from our wonderful supporters even further.

Thank You! We’d very much like to thank our wonderful volunteers, our life-giving donors, and all our readers, viewers, subscribers and social media followers! We literally couldn’t do this without all of you–thank you for being and staying involved. We promise to do much more in 2020 to help save animals, decrease rampant over-population, and educate anyone who will listen about the value of adoption, and the need for population control. For all you do, we thank you!