The rescue plane

Saving animals with airplanes

Our goal is to save at least 250 animals each year, and is limited only by the funds we raise as our model is scalable to use many airplanes and pilots to accomplish this goal.  We plan all our rescue flights to achieve an efficient cost of $100 or less per animal transported.  So, flights where we carry 30 or more puppies and kittens, we can fly much further.  For flights that we can only fit 8-10 medium and large dogs, we’ll be limited to 2.5 hours of flight time (500 nautical miles).

We’ve saved dozens of animals previously over the past 5 years, but our passion for increasing this number has grown by leaps and bounds as we’ve talked to people about donating to the cause. People and companies are quite excited to help, which warms our hearts and gives us even more energy to make this work!

As we fly more missions to rescue animals, with the goal of iteratively improving the per-animal costs, experimenting with different distances between airports, different cruise altitudes, different refueling options/discounts negotiated, various sizes and numbers of animals loaded, different weather to deal with – we have a lot of variables to consider in our optimization of animal rescue efficiency.

With over 2 million animals euthanized each year, we would very much like to make a dent in that. One part of the solution beyond just the transport, is spay/neuter programs. We partner with shelters and rescues that use reputable veterinary services to spay or neuter every animal that comes through them, thereby diminishing the overpopulation problem in the U.S. We want to encourage anyone with a rescue animal to talk to a local veterinarian and ensure they provide services for rescues at reduced or zero cost.