Some people spent “Black Friday” shopping or recovering from Thanksgiving dinner and pies (I sure loved my Apple Pie). Amelia Air however jumped into action by flying to Charleston West Virginia to pick up 6 dogs in one of our volunteer’s Cessna 182. There were 2 litters that our partner rescue, Canine Humane Network, in Gaithersburg MD needed to get up for their adoptions, and some sad stories indeed.

Lovey Dovey, the first mama, had a litter of 6 puppies, only 1 of whom survived! 2 of them were stillborn and were required to be extracted from mama in an emergency cesarean section procedure. The other 3 puppies were born but didn’t survive, and only the white one nicknamed Marshmallow who was just adorable. Lovey Dovey was protective of her puppy, which is understandable after losing most of her litter!

Tutti Frutie is the second mama, and she had a litter of 3 puppies that were born in an abandoned house in West Virginia. She was a very happy mama, wagging her tail when she went into the crates in the plane as well as in Maryland in the rescue van.

We then took the 2 hour trek back to Gaithersburg MD, where the diligent volunteers from Canine Humane Network picked up these little guys and will make sure the mama’s and pups are all given special care until they’re old enough to be weaned and adopted. From the look of them – it won’t take much time at all for these guys to be adopted, so thanks again to the wonderful volunteers, sponsors and donors who have given Amelia Air the opportunity to fly these animals to their waiting safe homes!