November 23rd brings us back to Dr. Rob Allen’s beautiful Cessna Conquest 441, a twin turboprop airplane capable of all-weather flying. With onboard radar, known icing conditions capability and two highly experienced pilots and one beautiful and compassionate dog handler, we struck out to North Carolina to pick up 10 dogs and fly them up to Connecticut.

There was a big rain system moving in to North Carolina by the time we arrived, as you can see in the video below. But the dogs made it ALL worth it!

The kind folks, Della and Max Fitzgerald from For the Love of Dogs rescue in Wilson NC spend many hours, dollars and miles picking up animals and fostering them before organizing transports. Amelia Air is happy to be one of the options they have to get animals to their new homes for long and happy lives.

In flight, the dogs are crated and get in-flight care from our co-founder, Katy Gardner as shown here:

Once on the ground in Connecticut, the folks at Mona’s House rescue met us at the Groton Airport to help unload and take the dogs to their rescue for cleaning and adoptions. All the dogs were quite comfortable in the plane, but once on the ground – they were unsure what was happening. Thankfully, the rescue folks are very compassionate and give them a little stretch time. MaryAnn, a beagle shown below, took advantage of the time to stretch!

We made quick work of the final dogs, getting them unloaded and into the vans that had pulled up next to the plane. Katy and I were sorely tempted to adopt the last puppy we unloaded, and you can see from the video below exactly why – these little guys were absolutely adorable! It’s a fortunate thing this great country has people like the two different rescue organizations to help these little darlings from unfortunate circumstances to their new homes and lives.

Thank you all for reading, watching, subscribing, liking, re-tweeting and sharing our stories of hope and rescue.

And a big shout-out to our donors for providing the funding to continue this mission as efficiently as possible!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, we at Amelia Air hope you are all able to enjoy your family and friends, and we’re thankful the animals we’ve rescued all have homes to be warm, safe and happy in.