2019☑︎–A good year (well, 4 months!) for at-risk dogs!

2019 year in review: As 2019 has come and gone, any good business would take some time to review how effective and efficient the company has been, and Amelia Air is no different. A look back at what we’ve accomplished in the first 4 months of our existence reveals impressive numbers, which I’ll briefly review, along with some thoughts about…


No dog left behind November!

Some people spent “Black Friday” shopping or recovering from Thanksgiving dinner and pies (I sure loved my Apple Pie). Amelia Air however jumped into action by flying to Charleston West Virginia to pick up 6 dogs in one of our volunteer’s Cessna 182. There were 2 litters that our partner rescue, Canine Humane Network, in Gaithersburg MD needed to get…


Dog rescues through rain, sleet and snow

November 23rd brings us back to Dr. Rob Allen’s beautiful Cessna Conquest 441, a twin turboprop airplane capable of all-weather flying. With onboard radar, known icing conditions capability and two highly experienced pilots and one beautiful and compassionate dog handler, we struck out to North Carolina to pick up 10 dogs and fly them up to Connecticut. There was a…


Amelia Air’s clown car plane!

Saturday morning, November 9th in Virginia was a cold fall morning – a perfect day for Amelia Air to launch into action. Flying down to Knoxville Tennessee with my co-pilot, Umar Ali, we were excited to get started on this latest rescue. This one had started a few weeks prior when we contacted a rescue in Louisiana that was quite…


News coverage!

On election night (Tuesday Nov. 5th), Fox News ran a short segment on Amelia Air, which we’re very proud of! Below is the segment, so we hope you enjoy!


Amelia Air Rescue #2

Lily. A lovely name. Shar Pei. A unique and lovely breed. But boy-oh-boy was Lily absolutely NOT a lovely dog when we first met her! She was incredibly anxious, fearful, protective, and eventually we figured out she just hated her crate. Spoiler: It all turned out beautifully though – a happy dog, and happy rescue outcome. Rewind a bit, and…


Our moral compass

What guides Amelia Air? Well, as pilots, we have established a plan and using all available information, we try to execute on that plan. So our plan (like a flight plan) in summary is the following: Rescue animals Use airplanes Be safe Be efficient Educate & inform others #1 Rescuing animals is our essential mission. Since we’ve been connecting with…


Bugatti Chiron and dog rescue?

First off – a big congratulations to Bugatti for breaking the 300MPH barrier in a production car! Amazing amount of speed and engineering goes into getting a passenger car to go that fast. If you like speed – the new Chiron is a wicked-fast spectacularly engineered vehicle. Check out the video below for some details on the how and why:…


Amelia Air Rescue #1

  Woohoo! We completed our first rescue of 10 (count ’em: TEN!) dogs on Sunday August 25th. We have been working with the Wilson NC humane society, and Kristin helped coordinate pulling 10 animals from their foster homes around Wilson, NC and get them into our plane to fly them up to Lumberton New Jersey to their new homeland. You…

The Lucky Ones

Mama and pups

Another lot coming from a Raleigh NC rescue, this was a mom and 6 puppies that were fortunate to have Amelia Air to transport them to Pennsylvania in a speedy 90 minute flight to long life and health. The folks who work at the rescues and the shelters are quite wonderful human beings. They often see the dark side of…

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