Amelia the inspiration for this charity
Amelia, the inspiration for this life-saving venture…

Amelia Air is a tax-exempt rescue organization, “staffed” by volunteers dedicated to rescuing animals from “high-kill shelters” and transporting them to rescues and adoption agencies where they can live out a full life in loving households. We’ll also rescue animals in times of distress, such as after hurricanes and flooding, where airplanes are sometimes the only way to get in and out of natural disaster areas.

Our commitment is to make 100% of your donations count towards the rescue flights, and our founder continues to fund the administrative costs. We’ll be providing regular updates on the web and videos documenting these life-changing rescue flights, and for donations of $1K or more, you are invited to ride along on a rescue flight to help and experience saving lives. 

Check back here often, as we’ll be posting photos and videos of our critter-saving adventures! I hope you’ll join us in this important and rewarding mission!  


We need your donation to help save animals affected by Hurricane Dorian!

Animals Rescued
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